Investment Loans Products

The Available Products

Depending on your investment loan requirements these loan products vary in features.

Th Investment Loan products are similar to the Home Loan products. As we indicate on the Home Loans page, not all investment loan products are the same or equal. You will need to find the best appropriate investment loan product that suits your current investment requirements plus be mindful that when your wealth portfolio grows your loan product may need to change as well.

When choosing an investment loan product, choose the one that suits your current investment requirements, i.e., you may wish to lock in a low Fixed Rate loan to take advantage of the fixed monthly repayments for the investment term of the Fixed Rate, or you just may want a very Basic Investment Loan product with no fees since the loan amount is small in comparison to a larger loan that needs to be heavily discounted under a Professional Package product (Pro-pac) which traditionally these Pro-pac loans have an annual fee. Therefore, such a Pro-pac is not warranted for a smaller loan amount as a Basic Loan Product may suffice. Onc your loans increase in size, a Professional package Loan product may be required as these products provide more features to a no frills Basic Product.

Depending on the loan size, your current financial circumstances, plus taking into account your short to long-term wealth plan goals, a Standard Variable Rate or a Fixed Rate or a combination of both may be required for your investment wealth planning.

The main difference between Home and Investment rates are the investment rate loadings from 0.20% to 1%. If an investment loan Interest Only (I/O) rate is required this will attack the highest rate loading compared to a Principle and Interest Rate loan which will be a lower rate since no I/O rate loading applies.

We will assist and explain the differences in investment loan products available to you and your future wealth accumulation plan lifestyle.

Basic Investment Loan

Standard Variable Loan

Construction Investment Loan

Fixed Loan

Interest Only Rates

When choosing a Investment Loan product, choose the one that suits your requirements now!

What's in a Professional Package?

With all lenders Professional Package Loan you will need to pay the annual fee, to gain the below features.

  • No $0.00 upfront establishment fee
  • No $0.00 monthly loan service fee
  • Comes with discount off the Standard Variable Rates
  • Comes with discount off the Fixed Rates
  • Comes with an Off Set Account
  • Comes with discount off any insurance available with the lender
  • No $0.00 annual fee if you take up their credit card or link your existing credit card (if with the same lender) to have the Annual Fee waived.

Package Add-ons

Professional Packages come with a number of features and additional discounts on other lender services.

Off-Set Account

You can link a 100% offset account to your loan under a professional pack. A 100% offset account means the interest is not being charged with an equal amount of your loan to the balance in your offset account.

The funds in your offset account are working for you to minimise the amount of interest being charged on the full loan limit.

Credit Card with No Annual Fee

Linking your credit card to the loan can save you the annual card fee charged. Normally with a rewards card, the annual fee can be a few hundred dollars which can be a much as the lender’s professional package fee.

  • May have no Annual Fee
  • May have reward points
  • May have a linked American Express Card with reward points

Other Benefits

Under a Professional Package the other benefits can be, discounts on;

  • Insurance for your Home,
  • Investment Property,
  • Loan Protection Insurance and
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance.

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